Juicing help & Good News

GaryinUK Member Posts: 62
I am after suggestions from those people who ARE juicing and want to share with me some recipes/formulas that my partner might try.

He is not a veggie eater, but after we were told that his 'bloods were excellent' today after no treatment other than a terrible 2 week Phase 1 trial for 5 months we both have a new positive attitude that we can beat or manage this bug%er, so suggestions are welcome.

Thanks in advance



  • scouty
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    Juicing recipes, juicing etc and you will get several post with some Gary.
  • AnneCan
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    I am glad

    I am glad you + your partner; that is good newa to hear. Scouty gave you good advice; there are threads here with juicing recipes that will come up when you search.