Acne during Chemo?

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I didn't have any problems - but then I'm 'ancient' LOL!

At the "horse forum" I go to a lot, there is a young woman (I think she's 15 - 16) that recently started Chemo for (IF I remember correctly) a bone cancer. She asked what would help with the acne she's gotten since starting Chemo - so told her I'd ask here. So any info?

Yes I have given her the CSN addy but apparently she hasn't been here yet. So thoughts/comments I can pass on?



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    Yup, 53 and acne. Never had
    Yup, 53 and acne. Never had much as a teenager, but now I get the zits! I started washing my face with dove liquid or the white bar, no perfumes and am not using any foundation, just dove moisturizer and a little loose powder and blush. It has cleared most all of it up. I get an occasional one now.
    It was the very nice lady at the 'Look Good Feel Better' who told me to do this and it works.
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    I just read on Emend nausea
    I just read on Emend nausea medicine site that it causes acne. Maybe she is taking that nausea medicine.