Blood in the toilet

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This morning I had a painful bowel movement, kind of a ripping, stinging feeling. I had a moderate amount of blood on the toilet paper and in the toilet bowl. Im guessing its the delicate anal tissue probably or it could be my hemrhoid, but Im a little freaked out. I havent had this much blood before, I didnt eat anything out of the ordinary but I did eat alot yesterday. I just recently had my 2nd checkup and everything came back clear and Ive been feeling great, but seeing all that blood has be scared and paranoid. Has anyone else out there had this happen, I sometimes have had a little blood, but this was alot more than usual.


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    The chances are that it is just what you said. The senistive tissue area. Since we can't see it, it's hard to imagine what our insides look like. When it happens to me I remember how fried the outside was and think how fragile the inside must be. I'm 20 months post treatment and sometimes expereice the blood on the tissue. It makes me uneasy, but since it happened right after my recent cehckup that made me think. Lots of probing and scoping and then I saw it. I think my insides were annoyed!
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    I have blood on toilet paper when I have a hard bm. So, I am one of the people that need fiber. Others seem to have the opposite issue.

    I know what you mean though, any ache or pain makes me nervous. It is apparently a common problem for survivors. And people who have not experienced what we have, do not understand that.

    Of course, call your Dr. if you need to feel comfortable. Heaven knows after the diagnosis I realized how many symptoms I assumed were due to other issues. ie...blood, itching, discharge, extreme fatigue, constipation, pain, and more I am sure. So, please check if you are uncomfortable.

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    I am almost 9 months post
    I am almost 9 months post treatment and I have this problem almost every day. I know is due to hard BM, since I suffer from constipation and don't take fiber as I should. Every now and then my BM's are ok, but in most cases I have blood on the toilet paper. My doctor told me to increase my fiber intake and that there were no signs of reoccurrence, so I guess it is my new normal. However, it really hurts when it happens, so I know is due to my skin been so thin and sensitive. I believe we lost elasticity due to our severe treatments and when it stretches it just tears. I have suffered from constipation my entire life, so this is almost normal to me. I have to drink juice and coffee every morning just to get things going. Unlike everyone else BM's have always been a struggle for me, and that hasn’t change, unfortunately.

    Most likely you'll be ok but call your doctor, even if its just for peace of mind. Hope everything is ok, and keep us updated.
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    blood in toilet
    I am 18 months post treatment; the other day I did have bright red blood, but haven't had any since. My CT scan just came back normal, so I think it's just from all the radiation making the tissues sensitive.
    Do contact your doctor if your concern continues, just for peace of mind.
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    Hi Nell--
    This is most likely due to tissue inflammation, but I would give the doctor a call and just make him/her aware of it.
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    Hello. I am 8 months out of
    Hello. I am 8 months out of treatment and last scan was clear...however, I have noticed when I have a hard BM that there is some tearing, scraping feelings (oh yes and some pain) and sure enough there is blood on the toilet tissue. A few weeks ago I had a particularly bad one with more blood and got scared - I think a natural response considering what we have all been through. Upped my fiber intake and since then have had no pain or bleeding. If you have a tendency like me and others to be constipated, it is best to take fiber (I take benefiber every day now in my tea or water and use colace in the evening). I love cheese but it plays havoc with my digestive system so I use that sparingly. I agree with Martha though, alert your doctor of this just to be on the safe side but also up the fiber and see if that helps. When my doctor showed me the inside of my rectum at the last appointment, the veins were right there popping up on the surface and the skin looked so thin - small wonder it bleeds. Plus if you have a hemi in there too, well...that might add to the bleeding. Mariylne
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    Hi, I am 2 1/2 years out and I still have bleeding problems. I have noticed that certain foods that I consume can cause me to bleed more often and in larger amounts. Foods such as broccoli, tomatoes, oranges, pepperoni, etc. I have to be careful what I eat and the amounts of what I eat at times. Such as citric fruits, I can eat a small portion of the fruit at times and not have it effect me. The doctors have recommended many different things for me over this period of time. They have suggested a fiber supplement, and also stool softeners. These are great, except I have accidents if I use these products. I have had problems with control all along and I have figured out a system that works for me so that I can go out in public without fear, but it has other side effects. Honestly I don't think my system will ever be back to normal again, but I have found ways to adjust to let me have a life in some form. The blood issue should always be reported to your doctor. But our bodies all have different situations from most most others now and the most important thing I think we can do for ourselves is keep track of what we eat, how much we eat, what we drink, etc. and a pattern will develop that we can see what things in our life may need to be adjusted.
    P.S. After doctor appointments I also bleed still. The poking and proding seems to aggrevate.