Low-Grade Ovarian Cancer?

I think I must have low-grade ovarian cancer. I was diagnosed in January of 2006. Altogether, I was on at least 6 different chemos and even added Avastin but my CA-125 would briefly fall and then would start climbing again usually before I finished any of the rounds. I started going to MD Anderson Houston, in September 2009. My doctor decided to try a estrogen blocker and my numbers started to fall like a rock. It has been 18 months since I started the medication (a little gold pill taken once a day) and have done great. Unfortunately, my CA-125 has started to rise again. Does anyone know if changing to a different estrogen blocker is likely to stop the growth of tumors or if the tumors are now resistant to all estrogen blockers? I am so scared. I had foolishly began to think maybe I would be free of chemo now.


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    I don't know the answer to
    I don't know the answer to your question, but you can ask your doctor for a copy of your cytology report, and that will tell you what grade your cancer is. It sounds like you've had very good luck with the estrogen blocker, and inflamation can make the CA-125 go up, so I hope that's what it is and that your luck holds.

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    Low Grade O/C
    It sounds like you're on the same maintenance therapy as I am. My low grade cancer was discussed with me fully when I went to MDA for a 2nd opinion, and that onc. there was the one who put me on Femera, the estrogen blocker, aka little gold pill. 18 months is a good remission and if your O/C is recurring I'll bet you can have a platinum drug again. The oncologists at MDA are the ones who are looking into low grade tumors, Dr. Gershenson being the leader in this research. I hope, though, that the CA125 rise is due to an inflammation of some sort, not a recurrence.