Post bladder cancer 2yrs remission-chronic pain Dr. clueless

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I have lived with daily chronic pain for over 2yrs. Did an I.C. diet/ took Elemorn/ had I. C. coctails 1yr. ago yo no avail. Dr. didn't think it was I.C. to begin with. Saw him 2 days ago & admits he's clueless. I feel like my bladder is a blow tourch! & I feel like I was kicked in the left side of my bladder. The tumor was originally inside &1/2 the size of my bladder. It took 2 surgeries & 2 rounds of chemo to be rid of it,but I've been in pain since. I'm female. Anyone else suffering after cancer like me? Any suggestions welcome!


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    Maybe it's time for a second opinion......
    Hi Croweye1:

    I really don't know what to say about what you're experiencing, except that my heart goes out to you big time. I know what bladder cancer can feel like up close and personal. Last year my pain was so, so bad that I just didn't think I could last another day. Thank God my doctor decided to take my bladder out 8 days earlier than I was scheduled to have it removed.

    Since my bladder removal I have been essentially pain free!!! Regarding my cancer, it was staged at 3a and was a very aggressive tumor. After 3 months of Chemo, all is well. It is so sad to hear of the pain that you are having to endure and for such a long, long time. Perhaps a second opinion would be in line. Actually, I saw 3 different urologists myself before having my bladder removed. My urostomy bag is a small price to pay to be out of that pain.

    I go to the gym almost daily and do just about everything I used to do, prior to my cancer and operation. I wish you well. By the way, I am a male.