CA 125 went up some

Christine B.
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I am sorry to post this with all the sad news we've been getting here lately.....My last ct scan March 8th showed close to remission but still some small tumors in the abdomen. Both my gyn/onc and chemo dr.'s recommended that I take a three month break to get stronger after the surgery Sept. 10 and six rounds of chemo. I was feeling anxious waiting three months so I asked for the CA125 to be done Wed. My gyn/onc called today to say that it had gone up to 37 (from 22.7), so he said that was slightly up above the 35 limit. My last chemo treatment was at the end of February. He said that if it were him he'd give it two more months to get stronger and check it again. I asked for one month instead so I'll have it redone around May 6 and a decision for more chemo will be made if there is a continued upward trend. My husband said I should feel good since we do know that the tumors are there, but the CA125 doesn't seem to be going up fast and I can continue to get stronger. I just don't feel good :(


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    I was close too
    I had a short remission and then my marker started to go up so md ordered pet/ct scan with showed 2 very microsopic ca cells in very bad places so i choose to have 6 more rounds of carbo/taxol. My ca=125 went down just alittle and i am stuck at 16. My last tx was yesterday and will be having another pet/ct scan in a few weeks. Our illness is so unpredictable and you always hope you make the right choices and do the right thing or listen to the right people including the doctor. I always try to follow my instincts and hope for the best. Sounds like you are too. Good luck...val
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    I know how it is when you just don't 'feel good'. Sometimes it's hard to explain. But I agree that one more month will give you the added strength and probably won't make much of a difference in terms of progression, if there is any. Let us know how it goes, Chris.

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    This stinks
    I am sorry you are not getting a break but you know this is a chronic disease, you just have to deal with it whenever it rears it's ugly head. You may get a long remission after your next treatment, none of us knows which treatment will be the one that gives us a long break.
    Only you can decide if you need a break before starting the next round, you are strong, that is one thing this disease teaches us how strong we really are. Mentally we have to go thru more than we do physically ! I almost wish there was no ca125 to stress about. Rest and do something really nice for yourself everyday to get yoursef ready for the next round. I hope you feel better soon.
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    It's all tough to take
    I think if your gyn/onc was concerned they would alter the original decision to move up the treatment. It does not make sense that they would put you at a risk if they thought you were in much danger of progression for the next few months. My doctor has had the same approach many times in between treatments and surgeries and I'm always anxious to just get on with it and be aggressive. It's just darn hard to sit back and relax when you have this hanging over your head. I live with the anxiety and worrying almost 24/7 and I think many of us do with a few laughs in between. Keeping my fingers crossed for you! J.