sue just a question

sue by reading your post, which yours was one of the first, iwas just wondering if you go to church you are always so positive you always speak of God. my question is do you belive in miricles .love and best wishes my spelling isnt so hot anymore. denise


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    Hi Denise,
    I've gone to church my whole life. As a child my grandmother took me to her church..Christian Science. As an adult and with my own children I did not continue the Christian Science faith. I did however take some of the good thinking.. "mind over matter" that Christian Scientists believe in and to this day try to apply it when possible in my daily life. With that being said...I do believe in doctors and medicines and would never rely on faith alone. God-doctors-medicine-praying-good eating habits-exercise and ample daily doses of good old common sense are my tools. Do I believe in miracles? Yes.
    Love...Sue (FNHL-2-3A-6/10)
    P.S. I do not talk alot about God on here..I pray for everyone, but politics and religion are usualy best discussed in a forum set up along those lines. I respect anyones choice to believe what they want and I judge no-one...thats not my job. Live and let live.