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I don't know if this is the right place for this, but...I'm a kid and I have cancer so I'm just puttin two and two together. And well that makes four and this makes sence so I'm puttin this here. :)

HI! :D

I have cancer and was just diagnosed February 24, 2011. It's a desmoid tumor with cancerous cells inside of it. I was wondering if anyone knows anything about this rare form of cancer. It's not or it can't kill me it just causes alot of pain and discomfort. It's on my lower back and extends up to about mid back. I just went through my first round of chemo. I have to go through 4 days of chemo, with 1 day to check my heart (as this chemo can destroy some sort of something or another in my heart), and I get 3-4 weeks at home to recover. I just got my Nuelasta shot and it did make my bones hurt. I just got a port put in just a week ago. How long does it take for the soreness and swelling to go away?

I still have some worry in my mind about something terribly aweful happening. BUT! I have God on my side so nothing bad's gonna happen I know God won't let it. So far he's answered every prayer I've had and I know that through him ALL things are possible. Trust me if you wanna know about some miracle, as silly as they might sound, just ask me. They are truely blessing from God. :)