Recurrences for those that have Endometrial Adenocarcinoma

Hello Everyone. I was wondering for those of you with Endometrial Adenocarcinoma, how many of you have had recurrences? My mom was diagnosed with this in Nov. 2010. It was staged 3c grade 2. She just finished 6 cycles of Taxol/Carboplatin. It was recommended for her to receive 25 radiation treatments. At this point, I think she's deciding to opt out of radiation. I wanted to know from you out there the treatment plan you did and how it all worked or is working out for you. Also, I'd like to know your stage and grade. I'm aware of the statistics and a little worried about my mom's decision. She goes to have another PET/CT scan at the end of this month. I also know that everyone is different, but curious about your experiences. Thanks!!


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    My original diagnosis was UPSC; upon review Endomentrial Carcin.
    Originally when I had my debulking surgery back in fall of 2008, my diagnosis was UPSC Stage 3c Grade 3, largely based on the UPSC cells they found in my D&C I had the month prior. A review of my pathology slides and a new needle biopsy a year later and they changed my diagnosis to Endometrial Adencocarcinoma Stage 3C Grade 2/3. At the time they told me that my treatment would have been exactly the same, that I had always wanted to be aggressive. True.

    I did have the 6 rounds of adjuvant carbo/taxol chemo and 28 rounds of IMRT and 3 brachys in 2008 anbd the first half of 2009. Based on that, you may think that your mother should do the radiation. But my cancer also recurred, in spite of all of that.

    So it's a crap shoot. You want your mother to make her most informed decision. & then you want to support it 100% and never second-guess it, whatever happens. You can go balls-to-the-wall like I did, and still recur. And you can take no adjuvant treatment of any kind and never recur. I hope this doesn't sound defeat-ist. I don't mean it that way at all. I'm just saying there's no clear black or white decision, and once your mother decides, support her decision and don't second-guess, or you'll make yourself crazy.

    I am at peace knowing I did everything I could to prevent my cancer from returning, even if I didn't luck out.
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    This was my exact diagnosis and stage/grade.

    I had the Hysterectomy, External Radiation/Internal Radiation and 6 rounds of Chemo.

    I was dx in October 2009.

    All clear for now....

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    Hello Hope:
    I was diagnosed

    Hello Hope:

    I was diagnosed with Grade 2, Stage ii/iiia Endometrial Adenocarcinoma back in September of 2005. I was treated with Carboplatin and Gemzar (I was allergic to Taxol). I had 3 brachytherapies. My radiation oncologist didn't want to do pelvic radiation because I had too much scarring. I had a small recurrence which I had surgery on in February of 2010 (which ended up all negative except for one lymph node which had microscopic cells which was removed). Instead of treatment, we decided to "wait and see". I have had two PET Scans which were normal since then. My next appointment is in June. It has been five and a half (5 1/2) years since my original diagnosis.

    I did get regular CT scans (2x a year) and wasn't until July of 2009 that I ever had a PET scan (and it was negative).

    I hope this helps.

    Congratulations to your mom for completing her treatment. My blessings to her.


    P.S. Check with the radiation oncologist and see if they radiate an area, if they can ever radiate it again if needed. I was told that once I had an area radiated, that they could not do the same area again.
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    Uterine cancer stage 3C

    I have not been on this board for a while. My partner who was 43 at the time was diagnosed with uterine cancer stage 3C three and a half years ago. She has treatments for almost a year and in September it will be 3 years since her last treatment.

    I remember when she was going through everything looking for survivors of this horrible disease and stage! I am excited to say we just received the results of her last doctor’s appointment yesterday. Her CA125 count was 8! They only due CAT scans once a year now. They do not want to give her anymore radiation then they have to. I also believe the thinking is that IF the cancer comes back finding it early on a CAT scan will not change the treatment options. I hope we never have to deal with that.

    What our oncologist told us was that IF the cancer is going to come back it is USUALLY in the first 2 years AFTER your LAST treatment. Claire had a VERY aggressive cancer. She went in for an exam in Feb and was fine. She started having bleeding and severe back pain but thought it was pre mentapause stuff. That was the reason for not going in earlier. In November when the bleeding and back pain had progressed it had already spread to her regional lymph nodes.

    I WOULD REALLY recommend your mom get the radiation and MOST aggressive treatment she can! If it comes back they will not be able to cure it. There will not be a 2nd chance.

    Claire had- 1st Surgery to find out
    Left tumor in had external radiation and 3 days of internal radiation and light chemo (I want to say cisplatin?)
    After the radiation and light chemo they removed the tumor. The radiation had shrunk it from the size of you fist to the size of your thumbnail. They left the tumor in to protect her organs during radiation.
    THEN she had 6 months of INTENSE chemo. Andromiocin (4 cycles) then something else for two treatments because the Andromiocin was hurting her heart.

    I have to say IT WAS HORRIBLE and and radiation worse then the chemo. BUT SHE IS STILL HERE and CANCER FREE! The odds were against us. BUT, we had a great surgeon and Claire was a college athlete and kept herself in great shape. For this reason she was able to withstand aggressive treatment.

    I wish the best of luck to your family. It is hard. But, does make you value every minute. A tough lesson to learn at the age of 40!