Looking for Craig's/Sundance Angel

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His anonymous angel last year for scans.
Need to run something by you.

please email me at [email protected]




  • Sundanceh
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    Hey Peg:)
    "Angel" does not frequent the boards too much anymore....I caught her last year on a very lucky day for me.

    Maybe she will come on and see this message and respond to you. I thought I would float this back to the top in the hope that she just might log on and see it.

    You've got a great memory to have remembered where this part of my journey took place. It was right around February or March of last year - and it set in motion one of the real fights in my life - for my life.

    I'll never forget what she did to me and I've told her so many times. She did PM recently and she is doing as well as she can.

    She wanted to remain anonymous so I've respected her privacy in that regard - even though I wanted to shout her name from the rooftops:)

    Take care, sweetie!