Shout out to Aortus - Just want to share this with you all.

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I woke up the other morning feeling pretty bad. Let me explain. Thinking I new what I was doing I got on my husbands computer to remove some junk he had on there. Well I screwed up his computer soooo bad it went into the geek squad. $200 later we got it back. I felt terrible. I was on my own computer (like I have not done enough damage )and I was clearing out some of my old stuff and I came across old e-mails from Moopy. Going back to the start of my treatment. There was a few of them from her. I don't know why they were there. We e-mailed back and forth, I do not have all of them so how the few I have got saved I have know clue. I felt better after reading the e-mails, they made me smile. Just wanted to share this.
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    sounds like me
    I DO NOT own a computer..I do most from my blackberry (TAKES TIME to type that is for sure) I barely use my daughter's IN fear of messing it up..(IN college and all her school work)

    NICE YOU came across the OLD emails..!