New to the board - doing big Ovarian Cancer fundraiser

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Hey everyone!

My mother was diagnosed stage 4 OC back in 2009, her CA 125 numbers went down from 2300 to around the 40s. Her last round of chemo didn't really work, now she's trying something new. In my opinion, she's doing GREAT! She's never stopped working, she looks beautiful and staying positive. She's also NEVER had any health challenges. Can I hear from other stage 4 survivors? Is anyone ever in remission?

I also am on the board of directors for Ovarian Cycle. it's a fundraiser for an early detection test for Ovarian Cancer so women won't find out in the late stages. We've got this event in several cities, and the big event in Atlanta is in 2 weeks! If you live inAtlanta and want to participate, we would love to have you!!!



  • LaundryQueen
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    Thank you!
    I appreciate your involvement in the fundraising event.

    So glad to hear you mom is holding strong. I am sure you are a great comfort to her.
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    I was in remission
    After my first line chemo which ended in Jan 2010 my CA125 dropped from 2500 to 9 and I was in remission for a year. My second line chemo hasn't been so easy and I've been pretty ill over the past 3 months since restarting treatment but my numbers are still going down and the oncologists are confident that I'll have another remission. I hope they're right