Friday Riddle Answer

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This week's WINNERS are AnneCan and PGLGreg. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RIDDLE: Assassin is a popular game on college campuses. The game consists of several players trying to eliminate the others by means of squirting them with water pistols in order to be the last survivor. Once hit, the player is out of the game. Game play is fair play at all times and all locations, and tends to last several days depending on the number of participants and their stealth. At Troyhill University, 5 students participated in a game that only lasted four days. Can you determine each player's first name, their color, their assassin alias, how they were eliminated, and their major?

Names: Liam, Anabel, Bella, Oliver, Ethan
Colors: Red, Green, Blue, Purple, Black
Alias: Captain Dawn, Night Stalker, Dark Elf, McStealth, Billy
Capture: Caught at weekly study group, Caught helping friend with car trouble, Ambushed during sleep, Caught on the way to class, Winner
Major: Economics, Biology, Art History, Sociology, Psychology

MONDAY: Liam, the girl named Captain Dawn, and the person in purple avoided any action that day. The psychology major was able to easily catch Ethan because she already had a study group meeting with him that day. Since it was a weekly engagement, he didn't suspect a thing. Goodbye red player.

TUESDAY: Everyone tried to get in on the action today. The girl masquerading as the Dark Elf (who was wearing either black or red) and the sociology major lived to see another day. The purple player was able to catch the obliging yet naive green player by calling her and pretending he had car trouble.

WEDNESDAY: The biology major (who was still "alive") was surprised to hear that the Psychology major, who wasn't Anabel the art history major, ambushed Night Stalker as he slept in his dorm.

THURSDAY: The black player was declared the victor after luckily spotting "Billy" on his way to Mammalian Physiology, a class required by his major.

ANSWER: Liam, Blue, Night Stalker, Ambush, Sociology
Anabel, Green, Captain Dawn, Car, Art History
Bella, Black, Dark Elf, Winner, Psychology
Oliver, Purple, Billy, Class, Biology
Ethan, Red, McStealth, Study Group, Economics