Heard from Mawty (Marty White)

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Marty is recovering from a trial run with Gemzar. It made her deathly ill and she said she will not try it again. She is on a chemo break, and leaving soon on a cruise to the Panama Canal. When she gets back she will sit down with her doctor and they will talk about what she can try next. The Taxol did not work and her numbers are refusing to come down.



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    We All need the QOL break..
    Thanks for posting this info. I hope she has a wonderful trip and will gain new insights on her journey. It's what it's all about, it's hard but somehow you become really focused on what you can acheive- and enjoy-- and enjoy what really really matters. Breath in and let those moments comsume you. I knew I was coming out of remission in late Nov., but I was feeling well and I wanted to be with my daughter at the birth of our first grandchild, even if it meant a delay in chemo. It was a QOL moment for me- but I was so ready to start the fight again after that break. Ellen
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    Good to hear and update on her. I think about her often since we were diagnosed round the same time. Glad she is going on vaca!!!