How to find professionals on this site

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Anyone know if there is a way to ask questions of oncologists, onc RNs or other professionals on the CSN site?


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    Doctors and Oncologists;
    I do not believe there are any oncologists, etc. on this CSN site to answer questions.

    Check out the sites "Fight Colorectal Cancer" and "Colon Cancer Alliance". They have monthly webinars you can join in. Very easy, I have done it several times. You can submit qustions beforehand or just listen in.

    There was one earlier this month hosted by Dr. Travis from The Doctors Show and he had experts in all areas of colorecal cancer. They answered submtted questions and had great discussions.

    I forget which site it is but one coming up is about treating liver metastasis. I am going to join in on that one since my hubby has liver metastasis, never know, may learn somthing new regarding the latest treatments.

    Fight Colorectal Cancer has an answer line. I have never used it but it is there right at the top of their site. They may be of some assistance.

    Take care - Tina
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    hi r2424243
    don't think they are here and to be honest I doubt they should post in a professional
    capacity here anyway.

    its the user experience nature of the site I think gives us our stength.

    just my opinion. otherwise I think they would get overwhelmed by pm.

    just my thoughts,

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    Site Terms and Conditions
    No User shall advise other Users about medical care or attempt to influence their medical care decisions. Members are encouraged to share their own medical experiences, but medical advice to others is strictly prohibited, regardless of a Member's medical education, credentials, or experience. The purpose of the Cancer Survivors Network is a peer to peer support service.
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    Try the 'parent' of this site.... is the main ACS site that can get pretty specific.

    Also, 1-800-ACS-2345....I spoke with a ONC nurse who went thru one of my path results with me, and explained everything...

    Hugs, Kathi
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    Identities ?

    "Anyone know if there is a way to ask questions of oncologists,
    onc RNs or other professionals on the CSN site?"

    Many, many moons ago, when the Internet wasn't what it is now,
    there was a cartoon that became fairly popular. It depicted
    a dog sitting in front of a computer, typing out:

    "The nice part of the Internet, is that no-one knows if you're a dog"

    Not much has changed in all those passing years!

    You have absolutely no way to know if I'm really a male, or a
    female, or even if I've ever had cancer (as one here has already
    apparently duped us?). There's no way of validating anyone's
    identity easily, if at all.

    So anyone claiming to be a physician may not actually be a
    physician. Personally, I wouldn't take anything too seriously
    out here, especially from anyone claiming to be an "expert",
    or "licensed".

    And in my opinion, anything -anyone- reads or sees on the Internet
    should be researched in great depth, and never accepted as true
    until it all makes sense to them. I've always felt that each of us
    has the unique ability from birth, to discern right from wrong.
    It's when we stop listening to our inner being; to our instincts,
    that we run into major problems.

    I have long ago, decided to learn enough about a topic to know
    some basic answers to basic questions. If I ask physician (or anyone)
    a question I already know the answer to, and hear some jive
    that's about as far from the right answer as one can get, I disregard
    anything further the individual has to say, and move on..

    Common sense should always prevail; if it doesn't sound logical,
    it likely isn't logical.

    So beware of those calling themselves physicians or experts
    on the Internet. And in "real life", research the physician's
    credentials on line, or ask some nurses about the physician..

    You'll be amazed at what you can learn!

    Good health to you!