hey guys

hey guys anyone has any way to get to winter marie i just tried to pm her and she is no longer with us i know she has facebook but dont know what to look under .hugs all Tina


  • Sonia32
    Sonia32 Member Posts: 1,071 Member
    Her profile
    is still here?
  • luvmum
    luvmum Member Posts: 457 Member
    she is still here
    I've only just read her post and reply to her.. I think she is still here.

    Maybe she is very busy baby sitting and no time to reply message...

    Love Dora
  • AnneCan
    AnneCan Member Posts: 3,673 Member
    "herdizziness" still comes up + WM has responded to some recent threads; she is still here.
  • geotina
    geotina Member Posts: 2,111 Member
    Make sure your pm is going to "herdizziness" and not "winter marie". She was on here this morning.

    Take care - Tina