What happened to me!!

Yesterday was a great day, listened to music, was baking at same time, chatted with some friends was in a great mood and then last nite something snapped. I am not sure what happened, all the sudden my support
( soon to be ex) made me mad, and I ended up doing some heavy lifting on my own. I am independent lady, always try and do things even if out of my league. I ask for help only when I need to and when Im looked at like your just gona have to wait, I come first, he's typcially a very selfish man. I used to drop everything for him, and now I guess felt a bit upset.. Long story short...he ended up coming to me and wanting to help after I got the harder transporting done and I asked him to leave me alone that I would finish up the moving of items. I guess made it that far might as well finish it off....
Childish I know, more concerned is what happened to me, normally i'd care less but something happened. I never argued or fought I just finished what I was doing and carried on as usual.
Is all this chemo and fight again getting to me and I dont' even realize it? Or just bad timing, or? I know it was me,...... Im confused!!!