Ahhhh Sweet Sisters, Thank You for my gifts!!!! I adore you!

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I too was delighted and surprised by loving gifts spearheaded by our Aysemari, and contributed to by the Kindred Spirits! I got a PINK Camelback for all of my hikes, half marathons, 5 and 10Ks, and OMG~ the most beautiful embroidered sweatshirt EVER! On the front, there is a big, red Heart and the name Chen~ and on the back? Wow! Double Whammy (who did the embroidering) wrote: We've Got Your Back! followed by the lines from my personal address labels: 1000's of Kindred Spirits, United as Survivors, Connected by Heartstrings. The sweatshirt/jacket is a soft, cuddly zippered grey color, and the writing is PINK! Does it get any better than this? I don't think so!!!!!

You sisters are a gift of immeasurable value, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.



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    that is just so lovely and
    that is just so lovely and you deserve it!
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    Chenheart... I am happy
    Chenheart... I am happy these heartfelt gifts brought a smile to your face and warmed your heart. It is so uplifting to hear how wonderful our Sisters in Pink can be to fellow Sisters.

    Ayse and Double Whammy are such dear Treasures. You more than deserve being pampered and the timing couldn't have been any better.
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    Let me just say it was such a treat to be there when you opened them and realized they were personalized. Jan posted a picture of you with your head down you were so overwhelmed, it just tickled me so! DW did a phenomenal job with the writing, as you can all see it is gorgeous!

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    Awesome!!! Awesome!!!

    xo 12/25
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    You're so deserving!
    Chen, you have been an angel to this site since the first day I came here (almost 2 years ago) and I know with certainty for much longer than that! I think it's very rare that you don't come forth with just the right words to help somebody out of any funk. What a gift that is, Chen, and what a gift that is to all who come here frightened, lonely and needing direction. When I heard about this sweatshirt that we were all giving you, I cried! What a totally AWESOME idea and it couldn't have been given to a more deserving person! Wear it in good health always, Chen, and may God continue to bless us with your wonderful words of wisdom and encouragement! Hugs ~Mar
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    This couldn't happen to a
    This couldn't happen to a nicer person! You do so very much on the MB and always raise my spirits. And Ayse is an angel too!
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    Chen you sooo deserve it
    you are our queen bee, dontcha know it?

    And suzanne... I said it so many time but your work was sensational.

    Did I mention how beautiful you ladies all looked, it is so nice to be
    able to put a face to the name.

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    What a beautiful gift you received. Ayse sure has been busy. You are an awesome person and definitely deserving of such gifts.
    {{hugs}} Char
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    cahjah75 said:

    What a beautiful gift you received. Ayse sure has been busy. You are an awesome person and definitely deserving of such gifts.
    {{hugs}} Char

    I am glad that you like it
    I wish I could be there with you and other NorCal girls.Wanted to let you know how much we love you and appreciate your support