Not feeling well

I hate to be complaining. I just can not put my finger on this but just do not feel well. I do not know why.
Seem to have like needles and pins in my arms or legs recently. My last chemo treatment
was was 11/2 years ago.
And Zevalin Christmas 23, 09. So I dont know.
I read all the posts. To keep up with you all. I pray for all of you.


  • truckingalong
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    pin and needles
    Hi, Hilde,

    Sorry you are not feeling well - I know this feeling as it happened to me the other day but it was transient. Hope you then feel better.

    About feeling pins and needles, I too have that. My physical therapist and chiropractic who works with patients of this problem advised me to take vitamin B complex with large doses (thousands as the label listed). I got it from Trader Joe's. It seems to help reduce that effect a bit. Hope this helps.

    With positive thoughts,
  • miss maggie
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    Follow up please
    Hello Hilde,

    I am sure what is happening to you is nothing. Liz posted a good suggestion about Vitamin B Complex. I take each day, 1000mg of Vitamin D3, 100 mg B6, Multi vitamin and minerals, 500 mg Vitamin C, and 1200 mg fish oil.

    What concerns me, you say "can't put my finger on it, you just don't feel well". Please make an appointment with your doctor to check this out. Not feeling well that is. There is a possibility the way you feel has nothing to do with cancer, or the treatments. You will never know, unless you check with the doctor.

    I will look for your post after your doctor visit. Love Maggie
  • COBRA666
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    Not feeling well
    Never had the pins and needle feelings.Wonder if it could be a nerve thing like when your foot falls asleep and you get that tingling and pin sticking feeling. Ifs its in one area of the body that could be what it is,but if all over then I don't know what could be causing it. Please keep checking until they figure it out. John(FNHL-1-4A-5/10)