After de Vinci PSA .01 up to .06

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Prostate was 86 grams - containing high quantity of cancer. Gleason score 3+5, staging pT2c, lymph staging pn1. Other Gleason values 50% grade 3, 30% grade 5, 20% grade 4. PSA @ surgery 9.3. Surgery evaluation (clear: bone scan, CT, margins, pelvic lymph nodes, seminal vesicles) & no bladder invasion. Post surgery report would have been “as good as it gets” but my surgeon removed additional lymph nodes found in front of prostate & found cancer in periprostatic tissue indicating metastasis. PSA after 9-09 de Vinci: 1-10/.01, 4-10/ .01, 6-10/.02, 9-10/.04, 1-11/.06. Retesting in April & looking @ treatment options. Anyone with suggestions or experience with PROTON BEAM or use of a COLOR SCAN to locate “hot spots”. Need info on INTIGRATED TREATEMNT with non-traditional diet, supplements and vitamins. General history: Age 66, Good Health, diabetic with A1C below 7, heal well, changed to hart healthy Asian & Mediterranean diet, bicycle 1,000 miles per yr, 20 lbs over weight & loosing 10 lbs per yr. Tks- KD


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    Hi Ken
    I am so sorry you are having to deal with this dreaded disease and I can't really help you with the numbers because I don't know anything about prostate cancer...this is ovarian cancer board.....our marker is the CA-125 and I don't think that would help you too much....But keep on fighting......I encourage you to go to Prostate cancer board...