Back from trip to Florida and I met Sherri

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Well My mom and I went down to Ft. lauderdale for a few days of rest. I am still grieving terribly for Vince but tring to get some sort of a handle on it. As everyone says we all do things in our own time. The one thing I have to remember is,is that I had 27 years of marriage with a man who was my best friend, my soulmate , and one of the kindest human beings you could ever meet. Not many people can say that.God just took him home way too soon. I know maybe God needed him but I needed him too so that is the difficult part.He was way too young to leave this earth.
I just finished reading 90 minutes in Heaven and it is a great book. Sherri's friend had sent it to her so I bought it. Its a must read. Also I ordered a book called Heaven by Randy Alcorn that I will be interested to read.

On the way home we stopped in Oviedo and met Sherri and her lovely daughter Kelly for lunch. Sherri and I clicked right away. It was a great meeting and I feel that we will be lifelong friends. Her daughter is so smart and a really nice girl as I am sure their other 2 children are . Looks to me like Shereri and Jim did a great job raising them.

This summer she may come up to Blairsville to visit my mom and I . I hope so.

I am a little saddened that I have not received any kind words from any of Vince's cancer drs but I got a beautiful handwritten letter from the urologist who removed Vince's catheter in Jan and gave him the TURP procedure.. The letter was so full of warmth and caring for Vince that I cried. He truly was shaken and saddened by his death.

I have received so many cards but one other stood out above the rest. It was from a real estate customer Vince had met and sold land to 7 years before. He is a student of Anthripology and he said the American Indians had a name for what they considered a person embodied with the epitome of all that is good, noble and commendable: that name was simply "A true Human Being" He said Vince was just that in their culture and in our own he will remain one of the "FEW GENTLEMEN" that he had had the honor and pleasure to have met.
That is my husband's legacy and God is very lucky to have him with him in Heaven



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    Barb, So glad you and your
    Barb, So glad you and your mom were able to take a trip, and also to meet sherri. She would love it in Blairsville. It is so pretty there.

    Everyone heals in a different way and we can't put a time on it. Know that you remain in my thoughts and prayers, Sandra
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    Thinking of You
    Hi Barb,

    You have been on my heart. I cannot even imagine the pain you are feeling from the loss of your Vince. I am glad that you were able to take a trip with your mother. I am sure it was good to get away, and especially great to meet Sherri.

    I have read 90 Minutes in Heaven and thought it was a very good book. My husband and I have been reading Randy Alcorn's Heaven as well. It is difficult to get into, but I hear it grabs you and then you can't put it down. My mother read everything she could get her hands on after my father's passing, and believes Heaven is the most informative book on heaven written. She tells me it is all scripturally based.

    Take care of yourself,