to find Doug..

Hi Liz,
Maybe you can explain your story to someone at your clinic. They can check their records for Doug and surely come up with his last name. How many Doug/policemen could be getting chemo the same day as you..ya know what I mean? You can ask them to call him, relay your e-mail address to him and also ask them to tell him you were wondering how everything turned out with his SCT.. Due to patient privacy laws your clinic can't give out his personal info to "you", but I'm sure they could call him and relay a message "from" you. Anyways...just a thought I had to help you find out how he's doing. By the way...I'm so happy to hear your feeling good enough to go back to work!...Love Sue..(FNHL-2-3A-6/10)


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    Oh, many thanks!!
    Hi, Sue,

    Thanks for the helpful tip. Yeah, that is a good idea! Will follow up on this and let you know. I really want to find him. That is nice that we are helping each other. :)

    Yes, I feel MUCH better and no anemia! More energy but I over exerted by doing yoga and my back has been in pain - just went to physical therapist to get treatment. No yoga this week he said! Despite feeling my age, I am ready to go anyway with the energy.

    Hope things go well for you.