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Is multiple myeloma really plasmacytomas that are in multiple sites? Do plasmacytoma tumors occur in all MM patients?


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    I'm not a doctor...take with a grain of salt :)
    Myeloma usually begins by infiltrating bone marrow; but, in some, myeloma stays away from the bone marrow (good!) and presents itself in only one location, called a solitary plasmacytoma. When myeloma is present in more than one area of the body, it is referred to as multiple myeloma.

    Not all MM patients have plasmacytoma poppa's MM is confined to bone responded very well to treatment with Velcade, Rituximab, & Decadron (he did have severe neuropathy from the chemo, though). The chemo reduced the plasma cell percentage in his bone marrow from 20% to 7%.

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