The fun has begun...NOT!

Jaylo969 Member Posts: 824 Member
So far 1/2 way through this prep. It is sloshing in my stomach apparently going nowhere. Oh the nausea!! Just took some Phenergan to try & keep the ever loving Gatorade down.
Well...isn't this just REAL special?? LOL.This is a time when I want my Mama....big baby, I am.

Gonna' try to walk around the house and depend on gravity to do it's job. Signing off. Update tomorrow if the creek doesn't rise:)



  • pepebcn
    pepebcn Member Posts: 6,331 Member
    That's a live broadcasted prep!
    Good luck Pat!
  • AnneCan
    AnneCan Member Posts: 3,673 Member
    Good luck!
  • Buzzard
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    AnneCan said:

    Good luck!

    Just be very careful and don't fart........
    That could rough.......good luck tomorrow
  • tootsie1
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    So sorry! One day they will certainly find a more pleasant way to do this!