Update on Hubbys Surgery

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Good evening All,

Update..What a long and exhausting day, hubby was in surgery for 6 1/2 hours today,
they did perform a Left Trisegmentectomy on his Liver and also removed some of his diaphgram , as the tumor did invade that area also. He is breathing on his own and knew I was there tonite. He does have a arterial line,central line, ng tube, and you name it. But as usual, he amazes me with his strength and courage.We have to watch the next 24 hours for blood loss from the liver and for the next three days we are watching the bile duct. If all goes well he will be in 7-14 days. I want to thank all of you for your prayers and support.

Love ya All


  • Sundanceh
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    The Waiting Room Here was Full......
    What a relief to hear that your husband is ok. Oh, being tethered like he is coming out of surgery is never any fun, but very good that he came through ok.

    Hoping your hospital stay is a good one and that he can return home soon...no place like home:)

    I'm really glad to hear that things went well and are ok with you. I'm always the patient and my wife is like you, waiting on the outcome and putting in the long hours at the hospital.

    Once they secured me after surgery, I had my wife go home and rest because I was in IR and visitation was limited and there was nothing more she could do to help me. Maybe you can get some zzzzzz's tonight too:)

    Thanks for your update.

  • pepebcn
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    Patti you got the first step !
    wish you everything goes well in the next few days!
    I pray for you both!
  • JoyceSteele
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    So happy
    Patti, thank you for sharing the good news. Take care of yourself, you still have some major caring for when he gets home. And at least another week of the hospital which is always draining. I still never figured out why staying by my loved one's bed in a comfortable chair wore me out more than cleaning a big house. hmm.. stress maybe in part.

    Get rest when you can, some fresh air and know you are in my prayers. Soon he will be home. Hugs and sunshine, Joyce
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    Hey Patti
    I'm glad the surgery is over and that hubby is fine. It's great that breathing is not a problem. If he has a wound vac, keep an eye on it. Make sure it's running properly when he gets back in bed after walking. (I say this because mine gave me some problems.)

    I'm very interested to hear what the surgeon says. I hope the report is excellent.

    As others have said. Take of yourself too and get some rest.

    I hope the recovery goes well and you get home soon.

  • tootsie1
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    Good to hear
    Thanks for letting us know. I am glad he's doing as well as he is. Please get some rest yourself!

  • herdizziness
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    Thanks for letting us know. Let him know we are thinking about him as well.
    Get a little rest dear.
    Winter Marie
  • Patti
    Thanks for letting us know. Let him know we are thinking about him as well.
    Get a little rest dear.
    Winter Marie

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    unknown said:

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    Patti for the news.i was wondering yesterday how all was going.hope he has a good recovery....Godbless....johnnybegood
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    Great !!
    I'm so glad to hear that Dennis is doing well. I will keep both of you in my prayers until he is home and things are somewhat back to normal.

    Keep me informed.

  • lisa42
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    Thanks for the update- wow, a long and fairly complicated surgery. It does amaze me what they can do by surgery and all at once. I'm glad your hubby came through it all right & I will be thinking of him (and you) during this next week or two as he recovers. May I also pray?
    You take care and try to get your rest, as well.

  • Lori-S
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    So glad that all went well with his surgery. I will be wishing for an uneventful recovery and speedy discharge. Prayers and hugs to you and your hubby.
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    I am so glad the surgery went well. Please keep us informed, + let your husband know we are thinking of him.