Cytoxin ever affect anyone's WBC? I have to take 2 weeks off of it now.

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I have been taking 50 mg Cytoxin daily, combined with an infusion of Avastin every 2 weeks. I had my 4th Avastin infusion today, but only was allowed to get it contingent on coming in tommorow for a Nuelasta shot. And I was told to NOT take the cytoxin the next 2 weeks to see if my bone marrow recovers without it. I was happy to be able to at least get my Avastin, even though my CA125 went UP on it this time. My CA125 is still 100 points lower than the frightening 1400 it was before I started the cytoxin/avastin. Still, not the best news today.

Did any of you who took cytoxin have trouble keeping your blood counts up? My RCB, WBC, and platelets were all really down, but only my white count was below safe levels to get chemo.


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    Sending a Hug
    Linda, I can't answer your question about Cytoxin, but wanted to say I've been thinking about you. Your most recent posts have been about living large and feeling good, and made me happy for you. Having chemo delayed is stressful and discouraging, but I'm hoping that you are still feeling well and symptom-free.

    Has spring sprung in Pennsylvania? If so, I hope your morning has gardening, your afternoon has red tulips and your evening has sweet smells of spring.
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    Low WBC
    Hi Linda,

    My mom was on daily cytoxan/avastin recently for 5 months. Her WBC took a nosedive without getting the neulasta shot but never low enough to stop the cytoxan or avastin. She loved being on this regimen. In and out of the oncologist office in an hour! Although this gave her a much needed break from the carbo/taxol/avastin, her CA-125 did start to inch it's way up, and is back again on the big guns. The carbo/taxol/avastin is still working for her and is still tolerating it well. I'm hoping that your WBC counts come up and that this plan kicks it to the curb for you.