Internal shaking!

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Hi Ladies,
Thank you again for answering my repeated questions. I am wondering if anyone else experiences trembling or shaking.
Thanks again,


  • kikz
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    If I am tired or try to do too much
    I get weak and trembly. I also have a hard time keeping warm when I am in bed even though I have flannel sheets, thermal blanket and two quilts. Last night I had to get up and put some socks on because my feet were like ice. Then at times I put the blankets back because I feel warm. That only happens about once a night. It doesn't last long before I am cold again. It is not hot flashes. I know what those are like.

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    Feet get cold
    Hi Kelly,

    I have not had the shaking but my feet sure do get cold at night sometimes and I have to wear socks. Then they get warm and I have to pull them off. One thing I have been experiencing is chills. I will just get a chill that will come over my whole body. Then it is gone. I have had this happening to me a long time.

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    If I haven't eaten regulary,
    If I haven't eaten regulary, esp. if I have shorted myself on protein. Overall, during chemo I found myself feeling much colder than usual. I usually have pretty heavy sweater on, or several lighter layers. Didn't experience that prior to chemo...used to dress very lightly and have heat in my house down very low.
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    I also get very trembley at times. sometimes for no reason at all. I'll just be going along in my day and then all of a sudden i get the shakes and feel weak in the legs.I haven't had chemo for 8 months now. I also get that way if I am tired. Once i start shaking like that, i also get cold. Cold to the bone, like I have been standing in a freezer or something.When that happens, the only way for me to feel better is to take a hot bath and get some sleep. I have no idea what it is or why it happens. maybe it's another menopause symptom? hope this helps. :)

  • kayandok
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    I had that a lot especially when I was on cisplatin. I used to tell my husband the same thing. "I feel like I am trembling inside, like an internal shiver." It was a very strange feeling. I was also chilly when no one else was, and had to wear more layers, and drank a lot of green tea.
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    Hi Kelly
    I used to get the 'shakes' terribly following chemo. It was like my whole body was shaking from inside out - very odd. The shakes usually started about day 2/3 and lasted for 24 hours. I finished chemo in mid December and haven't had the shakes since.
    Michelle x