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I found this on another board and thought I would put the information here for anyone who might be interested. I have heard of blueprinting tumors before and it sounds like a good idea.
Keeping everyone in my thoughts and prayers!

For Patients

There are just over 20,000 women diagnosed with ovarian cancer in the US each year. This is just 1/10th the number of breast cancer patients. Because of our limited numbers, it can be harder to access resources for new treatments. Yet each year, more than 14,000 women die from ovarian cancer. We think this is unacceptable and can be changed.

Although our tumors may look similar under the microscope, they have different molecular profiles (“blueprints”). Understanding the blueprint is key to finding the right treatments in the future. The Clearity Foundation is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit, founded by an ovarian cancer survivor and scientist.

How can I help?

Because there are relatively few cases of ovarian cancer diagnosed each year, we need every woman’s help. You can sign up to have your blueprint determined and permit us to keep your information in our database.

How will this help me?

This may help us find the right clinical trial or other treatment for you, and will help determine better treatment options for all women with ovarian cancer in the future.

We have been providing access to tumor blueprints for almost three years. We have established criteria for the interpretation of the test results to ensure that they are the most relevant. Please click here if you are interested in learning how Clearity can help in making more informed decisions about ovarian cancer treatment.

How can I get started?

To begin the process, please go to