CHELATION therapy and Vitamin C/B super IV injections - After Chemo/radiation

1acme Member Posts: 77

I had been doing a lots of research on line, but I was wondering if anybody have experience with "Supplementary" or "Natural" treatments that helps our body heal better DURING or AFTER Chemo & Radiation.

Anybody have any experience with following?

a) CHELATION Therapy - is used as a treatment for acute TOXIC METALS poisoning (lead, copper, mercury, iron, arsenic, uranium, plutonium and other forms)
I was wondering that if Chelation therapy can be used AFTER chemo to remove toxins left behind in our body.

b) Vitamin C & vitamin B - Super injections administered thru IV - some information showing that this treatment (administered by IV) may reduce cancer AND help our body to heal.

ANYBODY have any experience ?

Thank you