Does anyone know if your CEA number can be effected by Strep Throat? Also could it be possible that the number is different from using a different lab? My number jumped from 2.6 to 6.5 in only five weeks and this was also following a CT that came back clear but for two nodules of 3&5mm in my lungs that they say could be nothing but they will need to be watched. But the blood was tested while I have strep and it was tested at a different location than where I usually get it tested and I am wondering if different labs might test the blood differetnly.


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    CEA is a strange 'animal'. For some it can be a good indicator regarding cancer, for others not so much.

    Other things do impact CEA as well, including infections.

    With only two tests, it is not necessarily a good representation. Usually there is a watch for trending over a number of them or a very big spike.

    Don't fret over this just yet. I expect that your docs will want to wait and get additional CEA and CT results before making any firm determination.

    Until then, keep living life and enjoying each day.

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