Taking a much needed break and will meet Jim's Sherri in person in Florida

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Vince has been gone for 3 weeks and the sadness is overwhelming at times. i need to get away so my 90 year old mom and I are going to Ft. lauderdale today. We will get to my Friens Lin's house tomorrow and stay until Tuesday. Afeter that we are driving to Oviedo and I will finally meet Sherri who I have developed a special e-mail and phone bond with.I know it will be good for us to meet.
Once I get back home I hope that I can come back on board and try to help others. I think this may be my calling so I will try. The only part of EC I cannot do is to truly sugar coat it. My sweetheart's came back and that has been so hard to accept. JUST CATRCH it early and go to a well known cancer center center and you will probably do just fine. I wish Vince had done that but he didn't.

I have to take some time for myslf now as I was and always will be my husbands wife but I need to focus a bit now. He called me HIS ANGEL and now He is mine

Love to all of you fighting this beast.



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    Hope you have a great time in Florida! Enjoy the warm temps and sunshine. You deserve a rest after all you've gone through. I miss my hubby who will be gone a year on the 25th. Every year at this time we would always go to Mexico, Jamaica or Dominican Republic to an all inclusive resort. I miss that so much!!!
    It's so hard to get used to life living alone without the loves of our lives isn't it? I just went out to pick up branches in the yard and almost started crying again. We always cleaned up the yard together in spring and now have to do it myself.
    Well, have a nice vacation! Let us know when you get back. Hope your mom enjoys it too!
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    Barb, Have a wonderful trip.
    Barb, Have a wonderful trip. Hope to hear from you when you return.
    God bless you, Sandra
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    Glad you are getting away
    My mom and my grandmother went away after my dad passed and it was a much needed break. Now she is traveling with her and my dad's best friends. She sounds good everytime we talk so I know getting away from home was good for her. I hope you have a nice time.