still here after 7 years

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Hi Everyone,

I have not posted for long time, but thought I would today. Today it is 7 years since I was diagnosed with rectal cancer which eventually metasticized to my lungs. I have been in treatment more than out of treatment for the last 7 years, but I am still going strong. I just finished some cyberknife and will restart chemo next week. I won't say the last 7 years have been easy, but I have been here to see several of my children graduate from high school and college, get married and to present me with 3 more grandsons. I have 5 grandsons all together and a new grandchild due in May. Those are the things that keep me going. I am also very grateful to still be here at this point.
I hope all of you are doing well and that you have a good day. Spring is in the air!


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    Jamie.........Great to hear from you again........
    Its also very good to know your still hanging in there...I had mets to lung as well and Im 3 years in...all is well, don't expect to live much past 120 but I guess that will fine ...please stay in touch in here...its hard with all the new people being DXd to keep up with everyone..Please be in roll call as often as possible........Love to ya girl, keep on keepin
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    Hey Jamie!!
    YAYAYAYA!! So glad you checked in!! You know when the long time guys and gals leave the board it could very well be that life is just so busy that you have to take a break. And with 5 grandsons... how do you find the time to even do treatments??? But I'm so glad you have checked in and that it's been 7 years, mostly in treatment so hence you are one of our heroes who treat this disease as a chronic disease and that's a good thing!! I will be coming up 5 years in December of this year... and well, let's see, I did have a 2 1/2 year break from treatment so I guess I'm a 50/50 gal... 50% treatment free and 50% in treatment :)

    I think we should start a pool on guessing if the grandbaby that is due to arrive in May is going to be a girl or a boy. I'm going to say a girl!! :D

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    Glad to hear from you
    Hi Jamie - I remember you from back in 2005/2006. Glad to hear you are still going strong!


    diag. Stage IV, 5/05, liver met
    lap sigmoid colectomy, 6/05
    6 cycles Xeloda/oxaliplatin/Avastin (NED after 2)
    11/08 9x13mm right lower lobe lung nodule; removed via VATS 4/09
    6 cycles Xeloda + Avastin,
    NED (PET every 3 mo)
    Currently on Avastin only
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    Yee Haw
    Congratulations Jamie. You give me inspiration. I often feel like I'm "trapped" and it's hard to go on with future plans when you are unsure of your future. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
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    you give me hope
    Hi Jamie,

    Good to hear from you again! I know it's lousy to still be dealing with cyberknife and chemo 7 years out, but the fact that you are still going and functioning is definitely encouraging! I'm 3-1/2 years out and I feel absolutely nowhere near death- it's still hard to believe I have cancer after all this time. I am still planning on being around for a looong time to see my kids grow up, have families of their own, do some traveling, and live life to the fullest!

    Live on...
    Lisa :)
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    Thank you for your post,you
    Thank you for your post,you are the real inspiration.
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    Thank you for your post,you
    Thank you for your post,you are the real inspiration.

    Hey Jamie!!
    Sure is good to hear from you and sooooooo happy that things are going good. 7 years a long time and that sure does offer hope to many. Thank for take care.

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    That is brilliant to hear
    That is brilliant to hear and 5 going on 6 grandchildren - fantastic!!!!
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    Life is Grand isn't it? Even with the cancer and the chemo's, it's so wonderful to watch our children graduate, marry, give us grandchildren. Congratulations on all those miles stones!!!!
    Pleasure to meet you.
    Winter Marie
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    We are glad your here too
    Thanks for updating us, congradulations on the grandbabies, I have one grandson who is living with me now, and he is just the thing I needed in my life, what a precious little man he is, I am very blessed...

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    Almost 7-Years Too...Just 3 Months Shy
    ...and still fighting as well, Jamie.

    It's a very long time indeed and like yourself, I've been more in treatments and surgeries than not. Not the way we would have chosen, but we have played the hands we were dealt.

    Congrats on your accomplishment and hope this next round of treatments is "just what the doctor ordered."

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    Hi Jaime, thank you so much
    Hi Jaime, thank you so much for the inspirational post. I was diagnosed June 21, 2010 at 430 and am finishing up my 6 month chemo, 5 more to go. I'm sorry about all the continuous treatment, but what wonderful blessings you have had over the years, so hooray for that!

    Love and hugs, Gail
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    It is always so good to hear from you Jamie. 5 3/4 grandkids!!! WOW, that's some serious fertile younguns you produced grandma, you must be thrilled.

    I only come on the board every few days now and see a few sad posts but my heart leapt when I saw your name. Thanks for checking in and you know I'm thinking about you and your family.

    Yes spring is in the air and I got my spring veggies in the ground last weekend (brocolli, cauliflower, 2 kinds of peas, 5 kinds of lettuces, kale,4 kinds of onions, garlic, celery, and brussel sprouts. This is the 5th year with my asparagus bed so it should be really good and my blueberry and raspberry patches survived the hard winter.

    Stay in touch and thanks again for making me smile!

    Lisa P.
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    Hi there, nice to hear from you. I dont usu. post much any more, but lurk from time to time. Congrats on another year. My diagnosis date is 3/17/03 and I just became a grandma in dec. It is awesome. I am spending the week babysitting my grand daughter as my daughter just went back to work. Congrats on all the grandchildren, they must keep you busy.

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    thanks everyone
    Thanks everyone,
    You all made me feel very welcome after not posting for so long. It was great to hear from all of you.
    I am now back on chemo and waiting for cyberknife results. I have to say that I enjoy any chemo break I get no matter how small.

    Scouty, I have planted vegetables this year and am very excited about it. I have tomatoes, squash and bell peppers. I'm not sure how this will work out because it gets so hot here in the summer, but I'm hoping it does and to plant more next year.

    Cheryl, My son and daughter-in-law want to be surprised when the baby is born so we will all be surprised. I am betting it's a boy. I have wanted a granddaughter very badly and it hasn't happened so I've decided I'm destined to have all grandsons. I love them all and it doesn't matter whether they are boys or girls, though I admit I really like buying girly things and miss it so I make sure I buy my grandsons dolls. lol

    My memory is bad and I don't remember who posted the comment about planning things for the future. I always try to have something planned in the future to look forward to like a weekend away or even getting together with friends or family. It doesn't have to be expensive or take a lot of time, but it gives me something to look forward to making it easier to do the treatment and live with cancer.

    The wheather has been beautiful here and I have been enjoying it.

    Take care and thanks again.