Folfox 6 and Infusion?

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OK! I am confused....I understand that my husband will be hooked up with a "box" that will come home with us on one day and we will return on day 3 to be "unhooked". Here's for the confused part: Is there an infusion that happens in clinic before we go home with the box? I am sure the oncologist will let us know. I am just trying to prep myself so that I do not have surprises...

Answers anyone!


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    and welcome.this is the way it worked for me in 2009.i would go to the chemo onc.get hooked up via port that has already been surgically placed into my chest.i would get infusion of oxy,leucrovan and a small bag of 5fu.then they would put a bag of 5fu into a mini iv pump and hook me up to that.i would go home and 46 hours later would get unhooked and i did this a total of 10 times (every other week).hope this helps...Godbless...johnnybegood
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    On FOLFOX 6 you go into the infusion clinic. Hubby will be hooked up there to an IV. that will be for the oxy (oxaliplatin)and Folonic acid. That infusion will take between 2 hours and 6 depending on how fast they run it. With those bags he might also get dexamathosone and dextrose or saline. After disconnected from that he will get a push (straight injection) of 5FU. Then he will be set up with his pump with 5FU in it to take home for 46 hours. When he is at home on the 2nd day he will hear a beep to let him know the pump is getting low and will go back (if not disconnecting at home) to the clinic and have the nurse disconnect his pump. Then it is back home again. Check out my blog as it has a picture of the meds hanging from the IV pole during the clinic infusion:

    Hope that helps