New Adventure tomorrow (Tuesday)

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Well, let's see what tomorrow brings :) Today, I stopped by the Cancer Agency to do my blood work/CEA. I won't be seeing my oncologist tomorrow because since we now are on the new schedule of the half-dose of Irinotecan every two weeks instead of every three weeks... I will see my oncologist every other chemo week. But, of course, I still need to get my blood work done before each chemo to make sure that my WBC is ok.

I had to laugh when the the gal from the Chemo Unit called me on Friday to tell my my time. She said that I was to come in for the blood work on Tues at 8:30am and Chemo would be at 10:30am. I have to admit, I did laugh.... and told her, "This body and it's joints can't get anywhere by 8:30am unless you plan on having me come camp overnight ". Well, that threw her because she said, "But, you have to get your blood work done before the chemo appt. and they need at least 1 1/2 hours to process the tests." Now, it just goes to show, she wasn't thinking outside the box. I told her that since I know I wouldn't be able to get there at that time without some hardship... I will compromise... I'll come in the day before.... and that will give way more than 1 1/2 hours for them to process the tests ;) The light must have gone on because she said, "Oh, for sure... yes, you can come in anytime you want on the Monday" :D Problem solved.

Now.... off I go tomorrow for a 10:30am infusion, which means if all goes well, I should be back home by 12:30pm (unless I decide to go out for lunch, if I'm feeling fine).

Now, here's where the adventure comes in. You all remember last Friday when I wrote about the bumpy, itchy, burning rash I had on my alien bald noggin? And that my GP had prescribed a 2.5% Hydro-cortozone for the rash. He didn't think it was chemo-related and that if it was just a standard, run of the mill rash, the cream should clear it up over the weekend.

WELLLLL... the cream definitely helped with the burning and even a lot of the itching... but alas, the rash is still there in full force and now, has actually started showing up on my face (around one eyebrow, my chin, over by my left ear and on my neck). Sooooo something is causing this rash and there is nothing that I am eating that is different, no new skin care product or facial product. Nothing new in my diet, no strange or not so strange foods. The only thing that is different in my life is that I am on chemo and I do have a bunch of anti-side affects meds (Emend, lomotil, dexamethasone, Ondesteron, atropine). I suppose anyone of those could be a culprit... then again, it could be something totally different.

Needless to say, when I see my chemo techs tomorrow, they will have a look at what's going on and I'll take the cream my GP prescribed.... and if they don't know what it is, then they'll call in an onc. My onc comes back this week... she has been in China for 2 weeks for some kind of medical conference to do with East/West Oncology. So I'm not sure if she will be in tomorrow or not... but never a dull moment :)

Cya all sometime tomorrow when I get back home and settled in :) I've been procrastinating so have some News Releases to write up and get sent out... nothing like doing this this weekend and getting them done and out of the way, right?? NOoooo... let's wait until I go for chemo then come home and work on them :D Hey, at least last night I made myself sit in front of the computer and get ALL my bills paid off. I'm such a procrastinator and there is absolutely no reason for it. The money is in the bank, I just need to pay the bills online... it has to be done once/month and as long as I do it, I'm totally debt free.... so why do I procrastinate??? DUH!!

Okey dokey... nitey-nite all!