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Hey, everyone.

I received this email from Rob. He's making progress!


Greetings from Vancouver's beautiful West End!!

I am enjoying a day at home after getting a "day pass" from G.F. Strong Rehab Centre. Does it ever feel good to be home! Presently I am sitting comfortably in my wheelchair with my laptop on my lap. It is very nice to actually be "sitting comfortably" since I haven't really sat comfortably for any length of time for some months before my surgery.

You will find an update of my condition on "A Cancer Journal" here... Rob in Rehab

I've been home on day passes for this weekend and hope to be able to get a full weekend pass in the near future. I'm not sure how long my rehab will be. I may find out more this week as we set various physio goals. I'm anticipating 6-8 weeks. Much of my rehab time is spent strengthening my legs and practicing walking.

I do not have an internet connection at G.F. Strong so must limit my on-line time to short periods while I am home.

Be well... Rob; in Vancouver

"I wake each morning with the thrill of expectation
and the joy of being alive.
And I'm thankful for this day."
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    That's great news...was wondering how Rob was doing.
    Thanks for the update
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    PhillieG said:

    That's great news...was wondering how Rob was doing.
    Thanks for the update

    Awesome news !
    I was thinking about as well!
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    That's wonderful news.... and fantastic that he's moved from the hospital to G.F. Strong (wonderful place for rehabilitation... great staff, doctors, nurses, etc).

    Tootsie... if you are talking to Rob or his family in email.... find out if he's up for visitors, or if he wants to wait more until he's got the rehab more onto a pattern. I know how tiring rehab can be, so I don't want to go barging in and say, "Hi, I'm Cheryl from the CSN Board"

    But if down the road he's getting board and would like visitors... I'll arrange a visit around my own chemo treatments and would be more than happy to take messages from the gang here, print them off and deliver them to him :)

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    Thanks Gail
    This is wonderful news about Rob. He is such an inspiration.

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    Thanks so much Gail!
    This is very good news! I recently checked Rob's cancer journal but didn't see an update; I am so happy to see this!
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    so glad

    I'm so glad you are doing well- praying for ongoing strength for you.