stage 4 colon cancer

Hi I am new to this forum and I need help and prayers,last year I was going throug colon cancer,had quimo, went to my liver, they took half of my liver, wetn to quimo for another round, my liver is healthy now, and now the Doc's are telling me that I have a tumor in my left side in my lymph nodes, I am scare and confuse, please help me I do not know where to turn, I am reading a lot in the internate but the more I read the more confuse I get, is there any hope to be a surviver.
any info will be appreciated I do believe in prayers.
thank you


  • johnnybegood
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    slow down
    and take a breath.i was dx stage3 in sept 2008.did the whole thing.had my yearly scan in jan 2011.i am now stage 4 with recurrence to my liver and lung from the original colorectal cancer.DO NOT read the statistics on the web.get you a good team of docs and if you dont like what you hear get more opinions until you get comfortable.welcome to the best place for support.we are like family sure there will be more people to reply.hang in there.we will fight this battle together...Godbless...johnnybegood