Kate (DisneyNutt) response from AntCat

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Hi Kate, thanks for your answer. It is very true about anxiety and when people tell you not to worry, I think it's only natural to worry, especially since the cancer never seems to want to leave some people. I get very tired of trying chemo after chemo and nothing works. Since last February, I've taken Gemzar, Carboplatin (then became allergic to it), that Doxil, now Avastin and Cytoxan. Maybe some day there will be a cure for all of us for this terrible cancer. I'm going to ask the dr. about the anxiety drug you're taking.

P.S. During the day I'm fine, it's at nite when I go to sleep that the anxiety is worse. Maybe once the weather gets nicer, I'll get outdoors a little more. I had to be careful this winter, because I'm also on a blood thinner and I couldn't afford to fall on the ice and snow.

Again, thanks for understanding.