Alien fingernails

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My eyes aren't the greatest any more, so when I was cleaning my nails under a brighter that usual light source, I notices these small, blood colored lines underneath my nails. The streaks are right behind the white portion of the nail that you trim, and partially on the white portions too. What is this, and will it get worse? I don't wear nail polish, but I have always kept my nails very clean. I have nail cleaners and clippers everywhere, because dirty nails are disgusting. I am afraid if people see these lines, they will think that my nails are dirty, and I refuse to paint my nails because of the fumes, and I am a chipper, because I use my hands a lot.

Any thourghts?




  • pepebcn
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    Got my nails really spoiled , strips that makes them look like a
    shell!, some red color, and soft, mainly very soft!