Neck disection question

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So with the neck disection how does the fluid that has built up drain back down so the swelling will be reduced. It seems like the fluid just moves from side to side and stays under my chin depending on which side I lay on. So if I lay on my left side during the night when I get up the left side of my face is severly swollen, after I sit in a chair for a while it goes back down to my chin area. How long has it taken for your swelling to get back to normal, I was cut from ear to ear.



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    it takes time
    Hello there,
    My cancer was 11 years ago but I remember how swollen I was too. The swelling from surgery went down a little about after a month but then I was put on steriods that gave me a moon face. It does get better. My face is skinny now and has been for years. When I got off the steroids my face started to go down more. I know it is hard and I was always worried about how my face looked. Was very self conscience about it but it gets better.
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    Swollen Turkey Neck
    Brad, if you are speaking of the lymphatic fluid, that will eventually find new pathways and gradually lessen with time.

    Meanwhile, you can just be one of the Turkey Neck Club members like most of us have been one time or another...