Nausea & vomiting: Prevention is best

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I found interesting info about chemo-induced nausea & vomiting on the Mayo Clinic web site:

On the #3 carbo treatment I had vomiting without nausea. I also read that hiccups are a side effect of carbo and that research found that hiccups have an inverse relationship to nausea and vomiting (the more hiccups a person had after chemo, the less nausea and vomiting and vice versa). I always got annoyed by the hiccups after chemo so I guess it could be worse.


  • Tina Brown
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    This is an interesting post.I have quite a bit nausea but it is more like a "regurgitation" rather than the vomitting you get when you are ill. Sometimes when I am sitting in bed I can hear the tube from my mouth to my stomach making stange noises rather like "pre-hiccups". I never feel sick during this time.

    The chemo plays havoc with the stomach doesn't it? And my taste buds................urg everything tastes like ?????????????????? I can't even describe it but everything tastes so horrid and the same.

    I often eat when I feel nauseous as it takes the feeling after for a short while.

    Tina xx