RCC cryotherapy on small 1cm cancer on kidney, any recommendations?

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Hi everyone, I am a 18 month survivor of a partial nephrectomy. Doctors found another spot on my other kidney. They say that it is not unusual to have something on other kidney. Primary doctor wants to do cryotherapy, but I have gotten a second opinion and the other doc says I am to young and that I should have open surgery. I am looking for others who have had this procedure and was wondering how it went and if you would recommend. Thanks alot, I really need some input! Steve


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    Hi Steve,
    Sorry, I don't

    Hi Steve,
    Sorry, I don't know anything about cryotherapy but I will say that it is up to us to look out for our best interest. Eventhough we entrust doctors with treating us and to do what is best we Must take an active roll in that treatment. I would suggest to do your own research on it and if you still have your doubts then don't be affraid to ask for a 3rd opinion, after all it is your life... I wish you all the best!!!
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    First I am sorry to hear of your diagnosis and welcome to this group. I hope you are able to find support here and have your questiond answered and one thing is for sure you are not alone in this. I had cyroablation not sure if they are the same mine was where they froze the tumor, it was small thank the Lord 1x 4 cm. I didn't really have a choice as far as treatment for I sought out several opinions and they all said cyroablation. I stayed overnight in the hospital felt fine in the days afterward very easy recovery then I developed a post op infection there was an abcess on the kidney. I became very ill and was in the hospital for 6 days fighting the infection and my creatine levels were elevated. I finally responded to treatment and was released. I was told there are no long term studies on this type of surgery yet they are still following patients to see. I had my surgery in September of 2010. I find out today if I am cancer free still as I just had my first follow up cat scan so I will keep you all informed of the findings. The advice I would give you is to do your research and ask alot of questions and get several opinions until you feel comfortable. Good luck in your journey.
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    RCC cryoablation.
    I have had the RCC cryoablation for a 2.2 cm clear cell carcisanoma (SP) Sorry about my spelling. I am going to have a second one on another 2.2 cm tumor shortly. This is one will be done by an interventional radiologist and my surgeon. I had no problems with the frist one and was able to go home in 6 hours after it was done. I took it easy for about 3 days before I did much. but my recovery on it was fantastic. Open partial nephrectomy takes a while to get over. But no matter which one you choose remember there are 3 different ways to have them taken care of course the Cryoablation (freezing the tumor) and can be done by laproscopic or percutaneous methods, then there is the R F A version of ablation this is done by radio waves that heat and kill the tumor this is alos done percutaneous method. then the open surgery is another way. All three are effective, but 2 of these are easier to get over in my opinion and those are the cryo and the RFA. You can find a lot of information on these methods on the internet, I wish you the best, as you make your dicission, this is not an easy one for us. I have choosen the percutaneous method and it is being set up now. I hope to have mine done soon. Good luck and my best hope for a fast recovery for you. http://kidneycancerinstitute.com/percutaneous-renal-cryoablation.html this is a good site for the information