Welcome Lightchaser777!

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Just wanted to welcome you to the club!! I saw your post in one of the other topics and am soooo happy to see you post... and thanks for posting your story! Everyone who is going through this journey and has found their way to the CSN Board, be it someone who is looking for information because they have been diagnosed, or someone who is caring for a loved one and is terrified about what is going on... everyone is family here!! We all have stories.... some very different but a lot of similarities. We come from different backgrounds, different countries and have different belief systems.... so with all the yakking we do here online, we sometimes get into disagreements. We try hard to stay away from the trigger topics (religion, politics being the two biggies) but we share joys, sorrows, good times and bad times.... and of course, information!! If armed with proper information, we can all get over the hurdles.

Soooo, welcome to our wacky club! Pull up a stump and make yourself at home :):)

The Babbling Canuck