Colon Cancer Webcast Tomorrow (Thrusday the 10th)

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Hi ... I found this on the Colon Cancer Alliance page get your questions together and submit them if you have some:

CBS HealthWatch™: Colorectal Cancer Awareness/Digestive Disease Awareness Webcast
Thursday, March 10, 2011
2:00 PM (ET)
Moderated by Travis Stork of "The Doctors"

The event will stream live on beginning at 2PM on March 10. You can submit questions to [email protected], now until the event. The questions will be read and answered live from the Event by our experts.


  • AnneCan
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    Thanks Lori!
    You + Tina must have ESP!
  • geotina
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    Hi Lori:
    You can also log onto the CCA and participate that way. Very easy.

    Dr. Travis also did a PSA during today's show regarding colon cancer with Katy Couric.

    Take care - Tina