radical hysterectomy voiding problems

hi everyone i was diagnose cervical cancer feb 9 . i had radical hysterectomy feb 28.. after 1week my catheter pull out coz im recovery stage.. but my problem is after pull out the catheter i cant feel the sensation of my bladder i cant voiding urination.. the dr said im waiting after 1 month 0r 2 month to recovery to my bladder..im afraid hope next month my sensation of voiding come back to normal.. pls.. help me if anyone who problem like this pls let me know how many days or months that u can voiding urination??? im using now small catheter every 4 hrs i use this...god bless us!!!


  • Northwoodsgirl
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    Bladder issue
    Find out if there is a pelvic floor disorder clinic near you. A complication of hysterectomy can be issues with bladder. I am not sure where you live but I would ask for a referral to a pelvic floor disorder clinic. They can do sophicticated testing and then determine what treatments ( including complementary or alternative medicine- like accupuncture, biofeed back etc.) It isn't normal not to be able to urinate normally. Most of us could urinate normally after our urinary catheters were removed. I know that there is a hospital in Minnesota-Abbott Northwestern which has a women's pelvic floor disorder clinic. Self catheterization is not the answer...that is just a stop gap and you need to find the root cause of why your ability to void has been compromised.