O/T - Can I brag....please...just a little?



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    maglets said:

    so glad
    Anne I am so happy for you.

    my girl was in 4th year Fine Art at U of T when i was diagnosed for the first time////she lost that year.....by the time she was making up a course the following yeat....i had liver mets

    these kids are so darned wonderful they love their mom and still soldier on

    congrats on both your girls.....splendid news.....


    Thanks Mags!
    Your words (as always) mean a lot to me. Did your daughter go back to finish her degree?
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    luvmum said:

    Dear Anne,

    You must be so proud of them!!!! Congratulations!!!!

    Happiness will cure all your health problem! I hope you will keep receiving different kinds of happy news!

    My warmest regards,

    Thank-you. I am incrdeibly proud of them + they are wonderful interestin people too!

    I can' remember if you are on Mainland China or Hong Kong. My oldest daughter did an exchange program at the University of Fudan for the fall semester of '09, when she was in undergraduate studies.

    Best always to you.
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    Yea! Congratulations! Thanks for sharing this wonderful news -- I think we all love hearing good news like this

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    How Wonderful
    Well Anne when it comes to bragging rights, I think you have them!

    Sounds like you have raise two wonderful girls.

    A pat on the back for you and best wishes for the girls that they can follow their dream of higher education.



    Thanks Marie who love kitties
    I really appreciate your kind words. I think they are wonderful people - not perfect but perfect for us!
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    Love2Cats said:

    That is definitely something to brag about!
    Congratulations, you must be beaming! Things like that are great accomplishments in life, and should be shared. Parenting is not an easy task, and you have done a fantastic job with your daughters.

    Thanks Sandy!
    I appreciate your kindness. These girls were both great from day one. Very different, which makes things interesting.
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    Awwwwright Daughters of Anne!! :)
    Not only do you have every right to brag, you can brag and brag and brag any time you hit a rough patch! Oh gee, the doctors mixed up the paperwork... but hey, you have two extremely brilliant daughters! Oh gee, you feel really yucky on the treatments... but hey, you have two brilliant daughters who are wanted at any University they have their eye on. No matter what is going on in your life, good, bad or indifferent... you KNOW you have two huge success stories on your hands :)

    And the universe has put this hurdle in front of you called health... but you will overcome this too and go on to have to (sorry about this) go SHOPPING for new outfits that accommodate the mother of two brilliant scholars. So many ceremonies and award ceremonies to attend. You better rest up, girl!! :D


    Powerful words, Cheryl
    You hit my feelings straight on. I appreciate your confidence that I will make it over the health hurdle. Wouldn't it be nice if all I had to worry about was what dress to wear to these events. I really lucked out with my husband + two daughters!
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    karguy said:

    Congratulations,you should be proud.Good news is always welcome.

    Thanks karguy! My husband
    Thanks karguy! My husband wants me to post a pic of our 1993 Jaguar.
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    Erinb said:

    Congrats and hats off

    Congrats and hats off to you for raising two girls who value education.

    Thanks so much; you sure have a cute one there!
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    Jane822 said:

    Brag On!
    This is what it's all about.........Congratulations on wonderful accomplishments. Jane

    Thanks so much!
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    Congratulations!!!! I am waiting to see how that feels. My son has applied but they won't respond until April, it seems like forever to see if he's getting into his 4 year college that he wants.
    So it's got to be a BEAUTIFUL feeling in your heart about now!!! How fantastic that your oldest got accepted into the PhD program.
    You've done good girl!!!! Raising smart intelligent daughters!!
    Winter Marie

    Thanks Winter Marie
    I hope your son gets in. Waiting is hard. I really appreciate all your wonderful comments. Can't ask for much more than what I have with regards to my kids.
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    So Happy for your daughters
    It's so nice to hear of good news. Happy for your family. Our kids are the reason I keep fighting......Blessings Lourdes

    Yes, our kids are our inspiration, that is a definite. Thank-you!
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    lisa42 said:

    Hi Anne,

    Brag away- you have a right to! That's wonderful news about your daughters- we need bright points in our life to keep us going! Congratulations for your girls!


    Thanks Lisa
    I am very appreciative of your good thoughts.
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    Hi Anne, you know what? I

    Hi Anne, you know what? I think after raising such great kids, you deserve to brag a little! :-) I'm so happy for your daughters, how absolutely wonderful for them. :-)

    All my best, Cynthia

    Thanks Cynthia!
    Thanks for such nice thoughts! It is wonderful for them I think my oldest daughter is in a bit of shock.
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    Buzzard said:

    Congratulations to you and the girls...........
    You have reached a milestone in your journey....You have gotten the girls raised and looks like they will be fine when they get on their own...That is the relief all parents want for their children. Its great when we get to see it and know that it is genuine...Good for you and great for them. I know you are proud of them, how could they have ever failed when they are a direct reflection of their mom..... Love to you, buzzour....

    AWW thanks Buzzour
    I really appreciate your words; they are so kind + thoughtful. We have gotten them to adulthood; now I want to enjoy them as adults. They make me proud everyday.
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    taraHK said:

    Yea! Congratulations! Thanks for sharing this wonderful news -- I think we all love hearing good news like this


    Thanks Tara!
    It has been great to get all this good news.
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    pepebcn said:

    Anne thanks for sharing it! you got excellent reasons to fight!
    Hugs my dear Canuck!

    Thanks Pepe!
    I do have excellent reasons to fight! And I feel proud that I helped teach you that all important word "Canuck"!!!
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    OF COURSE you can share!!!!!
    There is much to be proud of in your family!!!! YEA!!!!

    Dutch knuffels, Kathi
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    Great News!
    It is always great to share good news instead of always being down or depressed about our disease. THIS IS WHAT COUNTS!!! Very happy for u and your family! Enjoy the good times!

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    Oh yes
    Oh yes Anne you brag that's your job right now . I'm so happy for you and ur girls hugs Tina
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    very nice
    no need to ask for permission to let the gang know about such wonderful news. I think we all benefit from hearing the good news in our "friends" lives. You should be very proud and I appreciate you sharing this, it lifts my spirits to hear of good things happening to good people of which you are one.
    Fair winds, following seas