4th Treatment / Liver Resection

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Hello. My Mom had her CT Scan yesterday, which showed her 2 spots on her liver have shrunk from 4 cm to 2 cm. To date, those are the only cancer spots that showed from the scan. Today she has her 4th chemo treament, however because of certain side-effects todays treament will not consist of Avastin and her treatment of Oxaliplatin will be dropped down by 10%. The Dr. plan is after her 8th treatment of chemo she will have a PT scan to see if her tumors are still shrinking and make sure there is no new growth anywhere else (which I am praying for). The Dr. would still like to do 6 months of checmo, then my Mom will then meet with a Liver Specialist about Liver Resection. My Mom is a strong person both on the inside and out. I see that this operation is a MAJOR operation, as was the colon resection. Just looking for support and advise on those who had Liver Resection.

All the best - Liz


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    Hello and welcome to the board! I am a caregiver also. It sounds like the treatment plan is underway, and plans for the resection are in the works. This is great! Some are not even candidates for the resection, so your mom's case has that option.

    My wife's resection took 6 hours. She developed an infection in the liver, AND at the incision site. It took about 2 months to get that all cleared-up.

    Take care, be there for mom, and check in to this forum for advice.