Hodgkins Survivor

I was 32 when I was diagnosed with IIB lymphoma with a mediastinal mass, tumors under both arms and in my neck. I was in congestive heart failure when I was finally diagnosed. My cancer presented in the skin with sores all over my body that got staph and would not heal. The staph got into my blood stream and my heart was collecting fluid. A few months earlier, after going to 2 dermatologists, 2 ObGyn's (about the lumps under my arms), and 1 regular physician, I went to Emory University Determatology Dept and was told it looked like I had scabees. I know I DID NOT and when the test came back negative, they told me the night sweats, weight loss and sores and lumps were caused by anxiety. It took over 2 years, 60 lbs. and a loss of sanity to finally be diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma. I was given 3-4 months without treatment. Of course I chose treatment and , with Gods awesome grace, I am here- 10 YEARS LATER:) 2 things I encourage: 1)Be your own advocate- I almost died because a lack of education among professionals. hodgkins often presents in the skin and all the other symptioms were there- yet no one listened and took time to figure it out. 2) Keep hope and pray daily- God answered so many questions I had and so many prayers. 3) Pray for a Mono vaccine. The same cell that causes Mono is the one that multiplies into Hodgkins. If you have never had mono, you will never get Hodgkins. We can eradicate it with one simple vaccine:) Any questions I am glad to answer. Keep the faith:)