AML M5 Questions

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My father was just diagnosed with AML subtype M5 on Valentines Day. We are all blown away completely. He is a healthy man with no health problems- no diabetes, no heart issues, no respiratory issues.... nothing. He is healthy, in great condition, perfect weight... It is just so hard to accept this!!!!! Maintenance chemo was suggested due to his age until the genetic tests came back that he has the genes of a 57 year old. Suddenly, they switched the game plan. Now he is on day one of Induction. Although they have not laid out a plan, I assume consolidation is next. I KNOW we are NOT looking for stem cell transplant. Stem Cell sounds horrible and he just wont do that. Does anyone know if induction and consolidation can bring about a 2-5 year survival??? Please let me know. Looking for answers and praying for God to fill us with hope of some sort. Please keep answers to ages 50 and over as that the response to chemo is age specific. Please let me know something. Robin.......


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    It's hard for us to discus such a specific question on the outcome of your father's treatment since every person is different. We respond to treatment differently, and it's hard to predict one persons survival over another or how much treatment one person might need vs. another.

    The 5 yr survival rate for the 50yr age is in the 31% range, according to the material. However you should be more concerned over your father's specifics since statistics won't tell you how he will respond.

    I think you should find it encouraging that the Dr's proceeded with the treatment course they did. To me that sounds like they believe HIS chances of surviving and reaching remission are strong. Dr's won't pursue an aggressive treatment if they do not feel that the patient would be able to recover. Treatments are always adjusted to fit the tolerance of the patient and the aggressiveness of the disease.

    If it is possible, try to sit in with the doctor and ask all your questions - don't leave with out clear answers. I'm sure I drove my Dr's nuts, but I always asked them to clarify the information and would not let them go until I felt satisfied that I understood the information they were giving me.

    You may want to contact your local Leukemia & Lymphoma Society chapter for some of their materials, or you can download them from their site
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    My prayers are wth you & your family. I am survior of AML, in fact I will be celbrating 16 years this April and I just turned 62. I went thru the the whole gammet of Chemo including induction & consolidation, but did not need a stem cell transplant. Yes it has only been 16 years but the advancements that have been made to combat this disease is tremendous. Please stay strong vour father sounds like me back then, he will have some trying times but based on your e-mail he will be with a strong supported loving family.

    If you have any other questions please contact me.
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    AML Survivor
    I was diagnosed with AMl 3 years ago. My classification was M-0. I did two rounds of Chemo and did not make remission. I had a bone marrow transplant (stem cell) March 18,2008.
    I am cancer free. I just wanted you to know that a stem cell transplant all though it is scary they have come along way. I was 47 when diagnosed and now 50. It is a long recovery time. I am still recovering. The Chemo left me with nerve damage to my feet. But I am alive. I would choose the stem cell transplant again. Wishing your dad great results and remember take one day at a time.