Regis and Kelly

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Anyone see the show this morning. Regis had a colonoscopy. Kelly just made fun of the procedure, laughing and saying it is the new way for brides to lose weight. Not much gets under my skin but her comments this morning really did. So, instead of just sitting here I sent the show a comment and threw in it was Colon Cancer Awareness Month. Does that girl not think before she opens her trap.

End of rant, have a good one everyone.



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    Don't watch
    She is the reason that I don't watch the show. I think that she is really obnoxious.
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    Way to go Tina!!!!

    Way to go Tina!!!!
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    She is such an idiot.... and so flaky!! Her life revolves around her weight being as close to 60 lbs as possible... she is obsessed with weight and "fitness".... having no idea that her idea of fitness is so unhealthy. Seriously folk... anyone who exercises to the point their head is too big for their body size... this is a problem, not someone being healthy. So it stands to reason that anything where she can figure a way of losing more weight, she is going to grab on to that and make light of it.

    Regis was explaining the procedure wasn't a problem... he didn't remember it. It was the prep the night before (which we all know is not our favourite thing). So of course, he made a big deal out of how he couldn't leave the washroom... and how he had weighed himself at 153lbs and when he was finished the prep, he weighed 146lb. Well, that's when his idiot side kick gets all excited and says this will be the new Bride's diet! Seriously... how irresponsible is that??? To encourage women with eating disorders to find yet another trick to kill themselves and announce it on National Television??

    I, too, wrote in and said how incredibly stupid her comments were. The fact she has an eating disorder does not give her the right to encourage others with eating disorders to make light of a procedure that could save thousands of Americans from dying of the second most fatal cancer in North America. Early screening COULD save a life, rather than kill a life through endorsement by celebrities with big heads and anorexic bodies.

    I don't get angry often... and for the most part, have very little respect for celebrities who think they are leading the world in good works, when in fact, they are only doing things that keep them in the spotlight. But when they tread on ground they know nothing about and can actually put others in danger... I get angry.

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    I didn't see it
    It sounds like she was totally irresponsible. If I were Regis I wouldn't be too happy with her making light of this procedure he just went through. This was an educational opportunity, + she made light of it.
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    YAY!! Good for you!

    YAY!! Good for you!

    I haven't watched the show in years. She is one of the big reasons. Her little "joke" was not funny. BOO!~!
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    I'm glad you and Cheryl wrote in and let them know how you felt. People always think it's funny to joke about colonoscopies. They have obviously never had one as a followup to having colon cancer, or as a diagnostic tool to see if that's what they have. Even since I had my cancer, I've had a few people who seem to think I'm going to get a real case of the giggles over such jokes. NOT!