In Loving Memory of My Daughter Wendy Alice

I am a mother who lost her oldest child (Wendy) at the young age of 37. She was a mother of 3 herself. After collapsing and being put on life support for about 6 hours, she passed. What we found out afterwards from a autopsy was she had undetected ovarian cancer that had spread to her brain. She did not show any signs of any illness. As you can imagine, this was a complete shock to the family. This was in 2006. Since then, i too have been diagnosed (Nov 2010) with limited small cell carcinoma. I am doing pretty good considering. After 25 radiation treatments and 4 cycles of chemo (3 days a week, off 2 weeks, my cancer is in full remission. I am blessed!!!!
I am not only fighting for me, but also for my daughter Wendy, whom never got a chance to fight for her life. Wendy, i miss and love you more than words can say!



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    am so sorry for your loss u r in my thoughts

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    I too am so very sorry for
    I too am so very sorry for your loss. May you stay cancer free and live a long life (and watch your grandchildren grow up).
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    neverquit said:

    I too am so very sorry for
    I too am so very sorry for your loss. May you stay cancer free and live a long life (and watch your grandchildren grow up).

    Very sorry
    Very sorry for the sudden death of your daughter.She was to young to go and leaving 3 small children.I know they are your life now.

    It is a shock to think it went that far before being dx.I always said that ovarian cancer is deadly and very hard to detect.It is always to late but usually there is some time to fight.I know of 2 peope that had it.One had her uterus removed years before(but not ovaries) the other was give meds for a stomach problems for 6 months.It wasn't stomach problems it was ovarian cancer.She lived 6 weeks after dx.

    Brain can be hard to detect.I had a friend who had a female cancer(vaginal cancer).It came back 2 times.She had her uterus out but not her ovaries.Still after it came back they only took the small growth.She always said they got it all.They did as far as female organs but it went to other places.Her liver,lungs and brain(had headaches).She made it 4 months with one round of chemo.She gave up on chemo.She didn't want it.

    I did know of one young mother that had brain cancer.She was passing out and later found out it was brain cancer.Her mom called me one day to say she is in the hospital.She was very bad.She had been dx 2 years before and now in a coma. She lasted 4 months before she passed after it came back.She passed away Christmas 2010

    Sorry again for the loss of your daughter and hope the best for you in your fight.You want to be with those dear grandchildren and see them grow and have children of their own.

    Lynn Smith